``Let us weave the rug that you design``

Can Carpet - Anatolian Carpets and Rugs,

When I first opened my eyes as a youngster I found myself in a rug shop.Rugs became my best friends. After school I passed all my free time in the carpet shop.Since childhood I dreamed I could do the job in a more professional manner.During those early years my Dad’s name as a rug dealer was well known. I still wanted to develop this trade even more.After I finished high school I was introduced to various rug dealers.I travelled the country and worked hard to learn everything at the heart of the rug market. I went into the interior of Anatolia to Konya, to Aksaray, and to Isparta.I learned in these places why some rugs were good while others were not so respected.

My Dad worked with rugs only with a business interest.In my opinion we were lacking in the production of genuine traditional Turkish rugs.When foreign friends visited us and toured Turkish museums they always asked, ‘’Why don’t you have rugs like those in the museum?’’ For me this was the guestion that changed my life.We must reproduce our own rugs.We must produce traditional handmade carpets.We must use our own hand spun wool, natural dyes, and weave the rugs oursselves. This dream has become a reality. Now we are weaving Selcuk and Ottoman design exactly as the originals.We are carrying the future of Turkish rugs on our backs. Today we are reproducing these rugs for the government buildings in Ankara because of our high standards.We are teaching and supporting young girls in the traditional art of rug weaving.

We are giving new life to this ancient artwort.If we do not continue this work in the 21st century no one else will.In the beginning we started out with just our fingers and hands.My wife Funda started teaching rug making. Mehmet,a master rug repair man worked with the dyes.Alongside us was our team of interested young girls. We grew into a family. These girls have learned the trade as well as can be learned.The girls learn in a master-apprentice working relationship.As the girls marry we place looms in their homes so they can continue this trade even in the midst of family responsibilities.Within these families and circle of friends the traditional art of Turkish rug making is regaining importance and honor.Our greatest desire is to see you among the happy people who own a genuine Turkish rug from Can Carpets.

Sincerely with best regards, Osman Can